the pretty now spotlight

Happy Sunday, friends!


I’m so excited to share some insight to my dear friend’s blog – Molly Osborn’s ‘The Pretty Now’.

Molly and I go back to college, where we both found passion in event planning and finding ways to express creativity through various outlets. Molly just recently launched her blog (her platform she’s been talking to me about for over a year). I want to share her thoughts on blogging, what inspired her to blog, and what her blog means to her (and her followers). Please check out her space: Enjoy!

1. What does The Pretty Now mean? ‘The Pretty Now’ is a testament to myself. It’s my personal pursuit of a pretty mind, heart, body & soul. It’s consciously working every day to have kinder thoughts, kinder words, kinder actions, purposeful connections with friends and strangers alike. A commitment to strengthening my body, my mind & pursuing only the things that enrich my soul. 

2. What is vision and the purpose of The Pretty Now blog? What are you trying to accomplish using a blogging platform? Number 1 answers part of this question – but as for what I’m trying to accomplish: Simply put, I love to write. For me, the purpose behind the blog is for a creative outlet for myself. But I’m extremely passionate about people and making connections. If people read my blogs and in someway connect to something I’ve written, if they say “yeah, I get that” or “wow, me too” – that would be a dream come true. There’s nothing more powerful than that raw, authentic connection to another person because of shared or similar life experiences.

3. What type of content can your readers expect from your blog posts? I’m someone who really speaks from my heart, so a lot of my content will be reflective of what’s on my mind and in my heart that day. Lessons learned in the workplace, every day life or in marriage. Experiences that cause me to think deeper about things in a new way, I’ll be sharing them and writing them on my blog. You can also expect to see pieces of my life at home, my style and approach to fashion. Another topic I’m passionate about is health. I’ll be sharing my health and wellness journey through classes I love to attend, newest recipes, etc. 

4. Who inspired you to create a blog – what other blogging platforms or accounts have you looked to for inspiration? I wouldn’t say that I was necessarily inspired by any one person to create my blog. Like I mentioned, I love to write. I’ve always loved to write. I often feel really passionate about experiences I’ve had and felt a need to share them. Not necessarily for people to read, but to process what I was experiencing and thinking. Throughout college, I did this in a personal journal. Writing was always so freeing. A way to get things off my mind – good or bad things alike. As I’ve grown and matured, my platform for sharing these thoughts and experiences changed. It started with an Instagram account that I used to keep private from people in my personal life, haha! I was using it to connect with other like-minded creatives and to feel that support for similar interests, struggles and triumphs. The Instagram started to take shape and I began to let down my walls a bit (literally, I stopped blocking people from my personal life who found me) and allowed people to follow along. I set a goal at the beginning of 2017 to finally take the leap and create my personal blogging space and take my writing to a new platform. It took me nearly a year, but I launched it in November of 2017 and I’m incredibly proud and excited to be in this space. 

5. What logistical steps did you take to start your blog? I was really lucky to have a friend of mine who is an artist and blogger (Katie Ryan – @queenikathleeni) to help me with the initial process of creating a blog. She quite literally started my platform for me and showed me the ropes. The first platform I was on was WordPress. This platform offers free templates and is a great place to start for people who aren’t quite sure what they’re wanting out of their blogging and don’t want to pay for a site (which was me at this point!) However, the more I toyed around with WordPress the less I liked it. I ended up switching over to Squarespace and purchasing a template/web domain. It was scary to make that jump into paying for the platform, but I’m so happy I did. Squarespace is extremely user friendly. Especially for someone like me who is NOT tech savvy. I’ve had such a great experience so far and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great blogging space! 

6. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to use blogging as a creative outlet? The advice I would give to someone who’s looking to use blogging as a creative outlet is DO IT! If you’re passionate about something, embrace it. I know there are a lot of fears that come with starting a blog, I’ve felt them myself. What will people think? Will anyone read it? Is it stupid? But if we can shift our thinking and realize that this is something that brings us joy, allows creative freedom, releases stress & fuels a passion in us…then it’s easier to take the leap. 


xo Karen